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Taking a Closer Look at Crssd Music Festival


CRSSD Fest is coming to the Waterfront Park in San Diego, California this year. I think this year's event has a much bigger theme than last years. I had a blast at last year's celebration of fashion and fun but this year looks to be more about business than fun.


Last year there were several celebrities at the event that made it well worth going. This year's guest list includes former President Bill Clinton, Jack Nicholson, Amy Winehouse, Tom Cruise, Marilu Henner, Miley Cyrus, and more. The celebrity guest lists are exciting but some of the guests I am hearing are not very high profile at all. One of these people is rapper Lil Kim. I'm not sure why she is invited but it sounds like a nice honor to have someone with such a respected background to be a part of your festivities.


This year they are focusing on the clothing for the day. It is a huge industry and a very competitive field. With over two million people working in the clothing industry alone in the United States, competition is fierce and it is very rewarding to be selected as one of the top three. The top three will receive special gifts from GAP, Abercrombie, and Fitch and Victoria's Secret.


The show takes place during the second weekend of August and runs for eleven days. Celebrities can attend some of the shows while being on location for the other events and still sell their clothing line to the general public. They will also hold networking events with other retailers and distributors to discuss marketing strategies.


This year's shows will feature over eighty locations for clothing sales. There will be over three hundred booths available for local vendors to display their wares. Many of the vendors will also offer to take home any of your custom clothing that you purchase. Vendors include Gucci, Coach, Ralph Lauren, and others. Some of the sponsor merchants include Abercrombie and Fitch, Coach, JCPenney and Kurt Geiger.


Past events have proven to be very successful for this particular line of clothing. Women from all over the world flock to Las Vegas for the annual CRSSD Fest to celebrate fashion for women. Attendees get to choose from designer apparel and handmade clothing for just about any occasion. They also can enjoy discounted designer fashion from well-known designers.


The shows are always full of celebrities and musical acts. They also offer performances by professional musicians from around the world. There are so many things for adults and children to do at the festival. They host numerous workshops and seminars, including one for the fashion-conscious high school students. There are also numerous art exhibits, including one that allows art students to create an original piece of art using recycled materials.


In addition to all of the fun activities, there will also be plenty of dining and entertainment opportunities available. Many of the entertainers will be appearing on the main stage or at various venues throughout the festival. Vendors include D-Lite, Gevalia, Ginseng, Michael Lau, and many others. Live entertainment will include the smashing talents of acts such as the Black Eyed Peas, Foxtrot, and Phoebe Truth.


There are some fabulous sponsors as well. A few of them include Hertz, Southern California Gas, and Equity One. Other major sponsors are Cidade de la Futura and Carnival Event. Many of the major attractions in Las Vegas will also be participating in the event, including Bellagio, MGM Grand, Monte Carlo, and The Bellagio. There are also several major attractions that will be hosting their own smaller shows.


For the little ones in attendance, there will be fashion workshops and photo shoots with celebrity guest stars. There is also a Baby Makeover workshop for expectant mothers, which will feature a stylist from New York City. There is also a Kids Are Girls event that will allow girls to get primped and colored before their big day. This is a very popular program at the Cribs That Do and The Little League.


The CRSSD Fest is a fantastic time for both women of all ages and walkers in general. It is also a great opportunity for networking, fun activities, and meeting new people. This is the perfect event to introduce a new mother to the world of fashion, or for a first time attendee of a women's fashion show. It also provides a great way for women from different walks of life to connect and share ideas. This is an unforgettable experience that every woman should try to cherish.